How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app 2023

Hello guys, Today we are discussing how to delete Payee on Metro Bank app step by step. This is the question of many peoples according to my research and today we are focusing on this topic, I hope that our article helps someone. If you get some information or like our article please follow us on google news to get a notification every time a new post is published on our website. Before this, we all need to know what is Metro Bank app and what is a payee. So guys, Let’s know about this topic one by one in our article.

Metro Bank is a retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2010, it was the first new bank to be granted a full banking license in the UK in over 150 years. The bank operates mainly through a network of retail branches and provides a range of banking and financial services to personal, business, and commercial customers. As of 2021, Metro Bank has around 60 branches in the UK, with plans to expand further in the future.

What is a Payee?

Payee contains two words pay and yee. Here Pay means giving money to someone in exchange for something in simple words we can say that after purchasing a thing the buyer has to give him the value of a thing and this process is known as Pay. Now I think all of us know about Yee this word means a person anything or any work.

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If we join both words we get Payee. Now, let’s talk about what is a Payee, we also cover How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app 2023. So, the word Payee means a person to whom money is to be or has been paid. In other and simple words we can also say that the person who needs to take money from us is known as Payee.

What is Metro Bank app?

Metro Bank is a bank in United Kindom like all other banks. Metro Bank is also a very famous bank in the UK. This Bank contains many branches in many states. This Bank also has a mobile banking app and that bank known as the Metro Bank app.

How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app 2023
How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app 2023

How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app

To delete Payee on the Metro Bank app first of all you need to download the Metro Bank app on your mobile. To get the solution of How to delete Payee on the Metro Bank app download the app first. After downloading the app. Just Sign in or Sign up in the app and then you just need to follow the steps provided below;-

  • First of all, open the Payee app after login.
  • There you will able to see a Payments button click on it.
  • After that, you need to click on the “+” symbol in the top right corner.
  • There you are able to see all your payees.
  • Then select the Payee you want to delete.
  • Now the final step clicks on delete and just confirm your choice.

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By the given ways you are able to solve your issue that How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app. If you have any quarry or questions related to any topic just comment below and we will help you to resolve it.


In this article, we cover some important queries of some people like what is Metro Bank app or what is a Payee but our main motive of this article is to only provide you the information about the most asked question by us; How to delete Payee on Metro Bank app? Hope you like our article [How to delete Payee on the Metro Bank app] don’t forget to follow us on google news. Thank you!!

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