Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison and deep discussion

Clash of clans was the most popular game when I was 12 years old. But in 2017, there was a big evolution in the ming industry. These all great changes credit PUBG.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) are both popular mobile games that fall under the battle royale genre. PUBG is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole, while BGMI is developed and published by Indian company nCore Games.

The main difference between the two games is that BGMI is a version of PUBG that has been specifically tailored for the Indian market, with changes made to the game to comply with Indian laws and regulations. This includes replacing the in-game map with a virtual simulation training ground, as well as making changes to the game’s characters, clothing, and weapons to align with Indian culture. Additionally, BGMI will have its dedicated servers for Indian players to ensure a better gaming experience.

Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison

Both games are similar in terms of gameplay, where players parachute onto an island and must scavenge for weapons and equipment while fighting against other players in a shrinking play zone. The last player or team standing wins the game.

To sum up, PUBG is a global game available worldwide while BGMI is a version of PUBG, which is specifically tailored for the Indian market with some changes and dedicated servers for Indian players. Also Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison under.

PUBG is a game that can be played on any device(Mobile, Tablet, PC ). After launch, this game was genotyped because of its hihigh-endraphics. In a match t, there are 100 players, and when a player kills all 99 other players then is declared as with inner. Except I found, Pubg is everywhere and many tournaments going on woworldwideSoul Mortal is an Indian team whthatoes to ththat tournamentMany yoYouTubers arryMinati, sc0ut, Mortal) got famous by playing pubg.

In 2020 because of me, china seserversPUBG got banned in India by the government. After waiting for one year, BGMI comes which is so known as BaBattlegroundobile India, and these also get boomed in the industry. One problem was that only Indian players played this game. Later pupubew state laws were launched which enables the players to play with international players.

So in this post, we will discuss the above vs Bgmi comparison “. This is the most trending topic which I will discuss today.

I will do a comparison of both based on graphics, Lothe adding time of the game, Maps, Actual Size, and more. So that you can have the right knowledge about these 2 games.

LeLet’set started…

Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison – App Opening Time

The second game after pubg which get popular was further ee fired. But the frfree-fireraphics wawereot so good.

I’m using Realme Narzo 50i for this test. Pubg is so stable and tatakes8 Seconds to open. On the other hand, BgBumiakes 38 Seconds to open.

The reason behind bgBMIake so much time is that the lefewerpdates. On the other hand, the pupubets regular updates of 500 – 700MB MB

The Gaming Lobby – Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison

The lobby is a place where players meet and wait. The PUBG mobile is very awesome in the use of the by. The lobby of PUBG Mobile has more emotes.

Both the games have the same scsceneBut the best quality is seen on pubg mobile.

Only 4 emotes can be seen on battleground mobile India. I think if you do data transfer then re-emotes can come to the bgBMI

One more thing which is missing in bgBMIobby is the red bullet bike.

So PUBG Mobile again wins.

Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison – Actual Size

When the pupubaunched then ititsize was only 636 MBDue to regular updates, ititsize get increased(1.5 GB). The size was the real problem for some of the usurers krGraftonnd Tencent mes created the lite version of the pub

On the other hand, bgBMIs only 736 mbMBThis game gegetsess updates. The reason behind this would be the server basis sed on India.

Damage effect – Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison

PUBG Mobile has the option to apply the crimson red mage effect when a player is shooting another player. BGMI users only have two options, green and yellow, to demonstrate this visual.

Due to our Indian government, bgBMIas this type of damage effects.

In Bgmi all the drop indication colors changed to dark green. But Pubg has more options.

Finishes vs Kills – Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison

You know One player kills the other player. The kill confirmation message is also different only the two games.

In PUBG mobile, gamers are shown that someone has been killed. The message is like this:

this” You Killed Jaani with SMG”

But in BGMI, the gamers are shown that someone has been Finished .he message is like this:

this this”You finished pixel with Frag Grenade”

I think the “finished” word is not perfect to use in the confirmation message. The gamers can become coconfusedfter seeing this

Operating Systems – Pubg Vs Bgmi Comparison

The pubg mobile can be played on any device. Even PUBG can run on a PC. On December 2017, Steam Launched PUBG so that gamers can joy the most re.

The BgBumis are only available for Android devices. ThDataransfer is also one of the problems for iOS devices.

if you want to play Bgmi on PC then you have to install a high-emulator. A lot of improvement is required.

After seeing all these parameters, I can say PUBG mobile is the winner.

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