Fleetwood Mac's longtime pianist, co-lead vocalist, and composer Christine McVie passed away on Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the age of 79.

There was no information on the cause of death, however McVie's relatives stated that she passed away in a hospital "after a short illness."

In a letter posted on social media, the band acknowledged McVie's demise. "There are no adequate words to express our sorrow at Christine McVie's

demise. She was absolutely exceptional, special, and incredibly skilled. In addition to being the finest friend someone could have, she was also the best

musician anyone could have in their band. Being able to live with her was such a blessing. We all loved Christine very much and are grateful for the wonderful 

She was with her family, the McVie family announced in a statement. Please respect the family's right to privacy during this incredibly difficult time.

 We also ask that you keep Christine in your thoughts as you honour her life as a remarkablehuman being and a revered musician

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