Violence broke out between two groups of worshippers at Kochi, Kerala's Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica a day before the Christmas festival, 

they disagreed on how to conduct the unified mass. As the opposing side was celebrating Mass

What is St Mary's Basilica known for?

in front of the congregation, supporters of the unified holy Mass entered the church. The subsequent fight between the two resulted in the altar being destroyed.

factions. Two parties disagree on which way the priests should face during praying; one group believes they should face the congregation,

 while the other side, which favours a single mass, believes they should face the altar.

What is St Mary's Basilica known for?

practise of celebrating Mass with one's back to the altar gathered at the Cathedral on Saturday morning to voice their opposition.

On Friday, the dissident pastors of the archdiocese and the diocesan administrator chosen by the official authorities of the Church stood

at the altar. In an effort to prevent him from accessing, dissident priests, according to administrator Fr. Antony Poothavelil, held consecutive Holy Masses.

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