Where do we go from here in terms of horror film releases in 2023 after an extremely amazing year of horror? Cocaine Bear, about a black bear who gets

hooked on a tonne of smuggled cocaine and goes insane on every human he sets his eyes on, is one insanely entertaining notion we're going 

 to witness next year. Along with the release of the Cocaine Bear teaser, we also got to see an exclusive 

At a press screening for Cocaine Bear earlier this week at the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles, director Elizabeth Banks gave CinemaBlend

 a preview of the unreleased portions of the horror comedy. Although the sequence is partially 

Is the Cocaine Bear a true story?

depicted in the trailer, it was still great to watch it in the context of the overall film. It begins with two medical personnel 

 responding to a report about a concussion and showing up to a residence. They have no idea that they will soon encounter the Cocaine Bear.

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