I hope that Washington will leave us alone for the next two years now that Congress is divided. Democratic bureaucrats in the Deep State

and entrenched positions are similar to Christmas lights in that they are tangled, dimly lit, and only partially functional.

Engaging in political conversation during Thanksgiving feasts with the family is a wonderful way to cut costs on Christmas gifts. Drinks that not only

touched the spot but also eliminated spots were consumed by my Drunkle Mac. During holiday trips, I do miss my Drunkle Mac's combative political

shouting. I discovered that you should always presume that a gun is loaded while approaching either one.

Over the holidays, Americans have been concerned about high gas prices. The good news is that I recently filled up for $35. I like to think positively, even though it was my lawnmower.

All Americans should be secure this year, I hope. 90 federal agents from the FBI and DHS were manning Twitter to ensure that any postings that were critical of Democrats were removed.

This year, the gender differences were even more ambiguous. the nuclear waste disposal deputy assistant secretary of the Department of Energy,

The transgender community had a significant year. Ketanji Brown Jackson, a candidate for the Supreme Court, was unable or unable to articulate

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