That year was 200% worse than any previous, according to EskomSePush, an app that tracks power outages.

The state-owned electricity company, Eskom, attributes the frequent breakdowns of its ageing fleet of coal-fired power plants.

Due to a persistently higher demand for power than there is supply, these stations only produce slightly more than half of their capacity.

As important units, like the nuclear power station Koeberg, are shut down for maintenance, shortages are predicted to get worse.

Eskom has advised South Africans to prepare for protracted power outages in the near future and is presently enforcing its strictest "load-shedding"

regulations, which prevent residents from having energy for at least five hours a day.

What is causing the energy crisis in South Africa?

The safety of the general people has been negatively impacted by nighttime power outages in a nation with some of the worst rates of inner-city

crime in the world. "There are more robberies and break-ins happening now that it is getting darker.

"Additional complaints are currently being received. Right now, there is so much unemployment that everything is chaos.

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